Tina spent days analyzing our industry, our company and our marketing initiatives. She applied her prodigious experience and her strategies to the results of her research and met us for our first session of “tough love.” We needed to overhaul the majority of our marketing initiatives, and Tina showed us exactly how to do it.

We ended our first two-day Marketing Intensive session with wide eyes and a specific, step-by-step marketing blueprint. The real work had begun. But, with her encouragement and input, we began ticking the items off the list, implementing Tina’s strategies. As we did so, our brand and our sales reversed course … they both began to grow and grow strongly!

Since those initial days of triage several years’ ago, we have continued to work closely with Tina on new initiatives at both domestic and international levels. And it gets even better because Tina is a supremely talented copywriter – answering customers’ questions before they know to ask, and responding to customers’ emotional wants they don’t even know they have. Her methods are powerful and effective!

Tina also brings an amazing intuitive aspect to her strategies that multiplies their effectiveness. She is passionate about marketing, zeroing in on what makes people “tick” and seamlessly aligning our company’s approach and messaging to truly resonate with our customers.

We build portable sawmills. In the hands of our customers, our sawmills build dreams. 

With Tina’s guidance, and the connection we have built with our customers, our sawmills are helping thousands more owners build their dreams. In the process, we have built Norwood into one of the global leaders in our industry. It is a process of legacy.

I know Tina is very selective about whom she accepts as clients. But if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.

Tina will give you incredible insight and clarity about what essential pieces are missing from your marketing, the solutions, and a powerful advantage in your business at multiple levels.

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